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 baned 20110207 = year/month/date Soulreaverr

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baned 20110207 = year/month/date Soulreaverr Empty
PostSubject: baned 20110207 = year/month/date Soulreaverr   baned 20110207 = year/month/date Soulreaverr EmptyMon Feb 07, 2011 5:40 pm

baned at 16:34 from the server map was cross fire score was 36 and 10 i believe EW Grundy was the one that banned me. i was hoping to get unbanned for reasons unknown i guess i was considered a hacker but i am not. i am a 3 year pro at cod 4 who is in the navy . i joined a simple game to play but have been banned for reasons unknown with no warning or any thing. i believe i should have been warned to any reason of any kind of ban. i hope to get a reply back from a admin soon to talk out this accusation against me. i have great respect for you'll but this has stooped to a new low for me on my thoughts.
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baned 20110207 = year/month/date Soulreaverr
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