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 Bind for making demos.

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Bind for making demos. Empty
PostSubject: Bind for making demos.   Bind for making demos. EmptyTue Feb 23, 2010 8:22 pm

Originally posted by: RifleDropper

Demo Recording using a key bind (recording your game session by pressing a button to turn the recorder on and off)

First, check to see if you have a file named "autoexec_mp.cfg" in your UO folder. The path to the folder is usually something like this: "c:\program files\Call of Duty\uo\autoexec_mp.cfg"
If the file exists, open it with notepad and simply modify it. If not, just open notepad and paste the following:

// Demo Recording Bind (NOTE: this is just a line for comments, it is optional)
seta demo_start "record; set demo_tog vstr demo_stop"
seta demo_stop "stoprecord; set demo_tog vstr demo_start"
seta demo_tog "vstr demo_start"
bind BACKSPACE "vstr demo_tog"

Save the file as "autoexec_mp.cfg" in your UO folder...usually something like this: "c:\program files\Call of Duty\uo\autoexec_mp.cfg"
In the game, press the BACKSPACE key to start and stop recording (You may bind any key you wish, I just like the BACKSPACE key for the job). Your demos will be saved to the demos folder within the UO folder.
To watch your demo recording use the console command:
Playback command for watching a recorded demo in the demo folder.
this info was found here [url] http://www.hotrodz28.com/cod/files.htm#demo
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Bind for making demos.
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