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 Video making Help (Seismovision)

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Video making Help (Seismovision) Empty
PostSubject: Video making Help (Seismovision)   Video making Help (Seismovision) EmptyTue Feb 23, 2010 8:21 pm

Originally posted by: Johnboy

In order to make a good frag video you need to be able to play with all your usualy FPS and lag free as posible. However if you are trying to record with fraps xfire or any other video recorder while playing live two thigs happen.
1.) Your FPS drops and you begin to lag really bad (which means you wont be playing your best or getting long kill streaks)
2.)You will fill your hard drive with a ton of video you do not need.

The solution, making demos.

The cammands are "/record" and "/stoprecord" you can also assign keys for quickly recording which would look something like this "/bind k /record" (heres a post about binding this http://www.gametracker.com/clan/elderwarriors/forum.php?thread=24773)

The advantage of demos over live video is one, less lag, no FPS loss and two an whole map of gameplay will only take a few megabites instead of several gigs of hard drive space (yes live video takes that much) meaning you literaly can record all of your gameplay and have a very hard time filling your hard drive (I have had over 300 hours of footage on my computer at one time)

Once you get several nice killing sprees your ready to make a video. One thing that makes this really easy is siesmovision (http://www.seismovision.net/ Download the full version) Before u can use siesmovision you have to set up the path to your COD UO exicutible.

To do this launch siesmovision from your desktop.(a screen will pop up asking about credit cards, click "free use")

Once it's opened click "options"

On the side bar look for "call of Duty: United Offencive" click it, then "dm_2 Options" in the main box you will see "Application Path{Call of Duty: United Offencive (CodUOPM.exe)" underneath it there will be a box with some text, this is where you are going to want to place your path to your game.

Click "browse" and go through "my computer" untill you get into your main COD folder. It will looks something like this "C:\Program Files \Call of Duty" then click "CoDUOMP" (it will look like your Icon on your desktop) then click "Open". This tells siesmovision to launch United Offencive when you click on a demo you want to watch.

Do the ame thing for the "dm_3 Options"

Once you have done this you can watch a demo, but how do you find the demos? Your demos will be in your COD UO folder in mycomputer. Something like this (C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\uo\demos) [you can also make a shortcut for it on your desktop like I did, just rightclick on the demo folder and click "creat shortcut"] (FOR VISTA USERES in the demo folder you may need to click "View compatibility files" on the top bar in order to see the demos you have recorded)

From here you can launch a demo. It will start your UO game and load a map, then your ready to record what you have already played.

Siesmovision allowes you to fastforward, pause and slow down demos. (which is usefull) The only thing you really can't do is rwind.

Once youget a good deal of video saved up in either xfire or fraps you can use windows movie maker to cut and edit your footage into a good video.

You really just need to play arround with it in order to get editing down, I'm far from a master but heres once video I made a few weeks ago.


Note: The flashing used between some clips is not a part of windows movie maker, it is a smal clip of film I made for the perpose if anyone wants to use it I can send it to you on xfire.

Also in "Timeline mode" you can cut and fade clips more easyly than in "Story Board". You can also mute video sound, add and edit music ECT.

Annother note. Xfire dose not come configed properly for recording video, it dosen't record audio unless set up to.

To set up xfire go to tools, options and then video. make sure first off that you have "enable video capture" checked, also check "record sounds" there are several options for the audio, for now leave them alone and test it.

A;sp you will want to select it to record fullsized and at atleast 30 FPS (if you can still get good fps use 60) make sure "enable flashback memmory" is not checked [this records some of your gameplay in your ram to be recorded after the fact, since you doing to be recording in realtime it is pointless, also it is a nonstop drain on your FPS while you are playing.]

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Video making Help (Seismovision)
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