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 Elder Warriors entry application [Mvpeh]

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PostSubject: Elder Warriors entry application [Mvpeh]   Fri May 14, 2010 12:14 am

A few days ago, I began playing EW servers. This opened my eyes to how awesome they are. Very Happy

1. Name used in game?

2. Are you at least 13 years old/How old are you?
I am 14 as of 8/29

3. Which EW member recommended you?
None. The console.

4. Were you in any clans before and if so why did you leave?
None on CoD4, but on other games, I was in iFOW. It has closed.

5. When do you usually play on Elder Warriors servers?
(This is so we know when to watch for you)
Around 4-10PM on weekdays, and all day weekends. [It's just when I play, I'm not on 24/7]

6. What is your time zone?
Central. I reside in Nashville, TN.

7. What country are you from?
I was born in Hungary. [Middle-East Europe]
I currently live in the USA.
8. What languages do you speak?
I speak Magyar. [Hungarian]

9. Which game is your primary game: UO, CoD4, WaW?
Currently CoD4; until I get WaW, hehe.

10. Please tell us a little about yourself.
I am a frequent gamer, I have a powerful computer and I play [travel] soccer and football, I enjoy FPS's, I am currently VAC Banned - I was hacked, hacker got me VAC Banned, yay.. I don't hack, I am strongly against it.. I can code in many languages including Python, C++, C##, Java, etc.. Currently working on something called MvpehCraft.. It's for a semi-popular game called Minecraft [http://www.minecraft.net] and I'm making a server script for it..
Besides the point; I enjoy filming games and I would gladly record gameplay and ad[s] for EW, I can edit using Sony Vegas [and I'm pretty BA at it, not meaning to brag >_>]... I can record in 1080HD using registered Camtasia/ Hypercam3 and DivX Pro Codec.

Thanks for reading and keep up the good work.

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General of the Army

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PostSubject: Re: Elder Warriors entry application [Mvpeh]   Fri May 14, 2010 10:08 am

Nice app cant wait to see you ingame Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Elder Warriors entry application [Mvpeh]   Fri May 14, 2010 10:13 am

Played with him a few times, good guy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Elder Warriors entry application [Mvpeh]   

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Elder Warriors entry application [Mvpeh]
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