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 My EW application =D (hope to be accepted)

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PostSubject: My EW application =D (hope to be accepted)   Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:31 am

*1. Name used in game?

*2. Are you at least 13 years old/How old are you?

3. If selected to join Elder warriors will you be dedicated to our servers?
(You are allowed to play on other servers we just ask the majority be spent on Elder Warriors and that you wear your [EW] tags on other servers)

4. Do you agree to abide by the Elder Warrior's code of ethics?

5. When do you usually play on Elder Warriors servers?
(This is so we know when to watch for you)

*6. What is your time zone?

7. Which EW member recommended you?

8. If you are accepted will you only belong to the Elder warriors clan?

9. Contact info. (xfire, msn, etc...)

*10. What languages do you speak?

*11. What country are you from?

*12. What division(s) are you applying for UO, CoD4, WaW?

Hi all my name is Edwin
iam 16 years old,,
let me start anwering all the points:

1: my ingame name is Edey*
(hope it soon to be [EW]Edey* Smile
2: like said b4, iam over 13 yrs old, aim 16 Smile
3:like i lrdy do: iam playing most of the time on EW servers, unless they're empty ofc Smile
4: i agree
5:pfft,, hard question, i mainy play at random times,, like 7 Pm or 12 PM or 7 AM GMT +1
6:GMT +1 like mentioned in question 5 Smile
8:ofc, Smile
9:i only have xFire tho xD
it is: 1edey1
10: i speak english and dutch and a rly tiny bit of german Smile
11: iam From Holland/ The Netherlands
12:i apply for Cod 4 Smile

i hope ill be accepted Smile
rly loving the game and cant wait to play some more xD
see you all ingame!
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My EW application =D (hope to be accepted)
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