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 Application - Lord Passy

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PostSubject: Application - Lord Passy   Tue Apr 20, 2010 3:05 pm

Those wishing to apply for membership to the Elder Warriors clan, copy the application below, and paste it in to a new post with the title "Membership application for (insert game name here}" To do this click the "New Topic" below and create your post. *=required

*1. Name used in game? Passy

*2. Are you at least 13 years old/How old are you? 21

3. If selected to join Elder warriors will you be dedicated to our servers? yes, with all my heart.
(You are allowed to play on other servers we just ask the majority be spent on Elder Warriors and that you wear your [EW] tags on other servers)

4. Do you agree to abide by the Elder Warrior's code of ethics? Doesn't everyone.

5. When do you usually play on Elder Warriors servers? All day because i have no life.
(This is so we know when to watch for you)

*6. What is your time zone? UK

7. Which EW member recommended you? The mighty SWG

8. If you are accepted will you only belong to the Elder warriors clan? Ch'yeah!

9. Contact info. (xfire, msn, etc...) xfire - billymoose

*10. What languages do you speak? English

*11. What country are you from? England

*12. What division(s) are you applying for UO, CoD2, CoD4, MW2? UO

Once your application is posted you may wear the all white [EW] recruit tags. You will go through a 10 day recruit period during which time members will vote on your membership. At the end of the recruit period (maybe earlier) you will be told if you have been accepted or not. Remember to play often, get noticed and get involved!
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Application - Lord Passy
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